Beyond Touch Signature Treatment

Beyond touch Signature Treatment

This session combines different massage techniques and energetic healing techniques such as Reiki and lifestyle coaching to help you move through obstacles and help you move on when you feel stuck.


When the body and nervous system relaxes during a massage session or through relaxation techniques, hidden blockages become visible and can be energetically changed. Depending on your preference, we can set a particular intention for your session or just see what comes up and work on whatever shows up during our time together.

We can – but we don’t have to, talk about what arises during the session. This experience will vary highly from one person to another. Whether you are challenged with emotional, mental or physical issues, we will change how we work together and the tools we use to help you overcome your obstacles.


The accumulation of 25 years of experience in caring for people and the knowledge gained through all my training can now serve you and change how you feel today, tomorrow and in the future.


Some of the work depends on you. 


You will leave our sessions with a to-do list to continue sifting through what we have started. Profound change takes place if you do your part of the work. 


If you’re not sure if we’re a fit, please schedule a call to get clarification of any questions you may have before booking your appointment.


You’re not in Nice? No problem!


You can have a zoom – adapted version of this service online.