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3 Dec

Christmas Values

I admit it: I have always been somewhat of a grinch. Even since we have children, the whole Christmas madness feels always in contradiction to whatI feel I really should be doing on this family holiday occasion. Now that we’re through with Santa Claus (I really didn’t want to spoil our Children’s childhood dreams before […]


29 May

SUN, FUN and your health!

THE SUN IS HOT AND BURNS  :D I understand that it’s nice to look tanned, but I promise you, in Nice you will definitely tan, even if you protect yourself correctly. To stay healthy, try to protect your body with light wide clothes and a hat.


22 Mar

How long should your massage session be to be effective?

I am often asked how long I recommend for an effective wellness massage session. I generally prefer that my clients make their own choices because the experience is very individual. Here are some thoughts you may want to consider when making your decision. If your life seems too busy to stay for a long session, a […]


13 Nov

Care For Your Body & The Environment

Replacing body care products has never been so easy. Many people have been called by their passion making their own and most of them are very eager to produce better quality and in alignment with nature and the planet.   Here’s a couple of brands I have tested and a list of my favorite products. […]


14 Jun

Find your massage heaven: overview and tips

Who doesn’t like a massage? I’m certainly one big fan of massage therapy and the benefits it brings to my body, mind and emotions. When I was younger and I started to discover the wellness branch, I sensed that there was something about massages that certainly made me feel better, but I had a hard […]