Eco friendly products


18 January 2020

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Eco friendly products

Eco friendly products

Body Care alternatives

In between all the bad news about pollution, destruction and extinction we can easily get desperate and hopeless. But despite all devastating news, I believe it’s better to start small, and do some little changes, instead doing nothing at all.

I’ve changed to eco friendly body care products and it’s been an easy process.

If you are looking for alternatives, I’m a big fan of Earth Sense Organics, which is a small family run company based in France, that has created a line of raw, palm oil free, cruelty free, organic body care products without any plastic packaging.

All I need now in my shower is the soap (I have to admit that I just use the hair soap for the body too, but they do have 2 kinds, if you feel fancy).

The raw organic body butter has replaced body lotion and all other creams and works just fine as a makeup remover too (there’s also argan oil and body balms with essential oil if you are up for a change.)

Here’s a link to their online shop: