Find your massage heaven: overview and tips


14 June 2018

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Find your massage heaven: overview and tips

Find your massage heaven: overview and tips

Who doesn’t like a massage? I’m certainly one big fan of massage therapy and the benefits it brings to my body, mind and emotions.

When I was younger and I started to discover the wellness branch, I sensed that there was something about massages that certainly made me feel better, but I had a hard time putting my finger on what exactly it was and what exactly it had changed. Personally I found it always very difficult to choose if confronted with a “spa menue” of different massage techniques. The names just wouldn’t speak to me and I didn’t know what to expect by choosing one over the other. Later on I’ve travelled Asia and I met a completely new approach which helped me to understand clearer, what I want, how I want it and most important of all, why I want it, in terms of massage therapy.

During my travels and learning different techniques in various countries I would now suggest to ask yourself which one of these 3 conditions seem to be bothering you most at the moment and then explain to the practitioner the one that seems the most prominent to propose the right
session for you. This way your massage practitioner will be more likely to suggest the right massage for you.

1) You tend to feel stressed/nervous or anxious, you have sleep issues or a sense of burned out feeling.
If this is the case I suggest to ask for a relaxing massage type. (There is a fast variety. I would suggest to ask, once you are with the massage practitioner, what kind of relaxing massage type she or he will be able to propose.)
2) You suffer from deep muscle tensions, back pains, neck pains or sore muscles after sport.
If this speaks to you, you might want to ask for deep tissue work, trigger point therapy or Swedish massage.
3) You feel tired and you experience a lack of energy, you feel sad and heavy.
Re-energizing massages such as Swedish massage can be helpful. Also certain pressure point techniques such as shiatsu, reflexology or the invigorating traditional thai massage should get you back up in the mood to move. Shiatsu is especially helpful to balance your emotions and release stress.

Once you met your massage therapist she or he will certainly be able to make suggestions about the possibilities he proposes so you’ll be able to decide together an appropriate session.

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