Hygiene measures for your appointment


05 May 2020

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Hygiene measures for your appointment

Hygiene measures for your appointment

I am happy to have you back, my dear clients!Here’s what I’ve put in place for hygiene and safety.

A face cover has to be worn during your visit.

I welcome you at the door with hand sanitiser to minimise the danger of any germs coming into the space from outside.

There’s a bathroom with soap ready for you and the towel is for your personal use and will be washed after.

I make sure to respect a minimum of 30 min time between appointments to assure clients will not wait in the waiting area or get in contact with each other. In addition to that, I’m airing out the space and disinfect all material and spaces who might get in contact with clients during that 30 min break.

As usual all towels are washed at 60C for 90min plus dried in the hot dryer and changed after every single client. I will wear a face cover.

Please feel free to call me 24hrs ahead of your appointment to ask any question that you may have.

Happy to see you soon,

With kind regards