Relaxing Massage


Relaxing Massage

Relaxing Massage

A relaxing massage is a massage that will work without pressure by using the sensory organ skin to influence the brain through sense perception.

Relaxing Massage


A relaxing massage is a massage that works without pressure by using the sensory organ skin to influence the brain through sense perception.


A variety of movements applied through painting different shapes onto the skin and changes in the speed of the movements will distract your brain activity from its habits. This way, you forget your usual thought processes and allow your spirit to reboot. The longer the session, the more profound the influence.


Relaxing massages are especially suitable for nervous, anxious and stressed people who have difficulty letting go and finding relaxation. Any essential oil that feels comfortable to you can be used, and you can choose before the session begins.


Why choose a relaxing massage?


The skin is a sense organ. It receives information through touch and passes it through microscopic nerves into the nervous system that sends it on, processes and responds.


Essentially, for our protection, the skin gives us information about the external temperature and the texture of something. Hence, we understand if it’s sharp or smooth or hard or soft. The brain processes the information and compares it to information previously stored and imprinted on our memory so we can react to the information.


Furthermore, human touch has the power to regulate the nervous system of another human being. Over the last few years, increasing research has been done on the discovery that the human touch has the power to regulate another human’s stress response by provoking a feeling of connection, security and compassion.


The sense of touch is wildly underestimated!


I bet you have never heard anyone say they are afraid to lose their sense of touch. In fact, it is essential to the survival of the human race. We need a sense of touch to understand our environment and regulate our stress response.


The benefits of relaxing massages


In recent years science has discovered a new kind of tiny nerve in the skin, the CT fibres, which react upon gentle touch. CT fibres specifically process a certain kind of touch: it has to be soft, not too fast, not too slow, applying a certain range of pressure at the optimum temperature of 34 degrees (that of your fingers). 


Scientists assume that the brain responds with the information of relaxation and pleasure through the transmission through these fibres. Endorphins are released and fill you with an experience of well-being. As a result, your heartbeat regulates, your muscles relax, and your breathing becomes balanced.


This happens when humans give each other the gift of a hug and gentle stroking and are touched compassionately. A relaxing massage does this to your organism.


Some additional information about your brain and the connection of brain cells: The synapses connect your brain cells through little roots or string-like connections. The remarkable thing about them is that the synapses can connect and disconnect between brain cells, depending on what connections are needed. They also remember their connections to reconnect quicker after a specific chain of receiving–reacting has been ‘learned’ and memorised. They can grow these synapses together to establish reoccurring needs and process the information with maximum efficiency.


These pathways are only given up one by one; even if you stop playing for a long time, the memory will stay with you throughout your life, provided you have played a substantial amount of tennis at some point.


This is good if you want to play tennis. This is not ideal if you experience stress, trauma and pain instead of tennis because, just like for the tennis game, the brain will establish and stabilise any repeatedly accessed connection.


To dissolve unwanted connections, you must feed different needs and information to the brain, so the neurons must reconnect and establish different pathways. The longer a particular lifestyle repeats, the more persistent you must be to dissolve the connections.


To return to massage therapy: through sensory stimulation of the skin and creating a response of well-being and relaxation, brain cells will re-create synapses between them. If you repeat the process, you will learn to remember to reconnect to this state of being because your brain learns to recreate these connections quicker. The synapses will establish a permanent relationship if you continue to be relaxed. 


This also works if you regularly practice meditation or any other relaxation exercise. Reaching your desired state of being becomes easier through repetition and consistency.


The more you are in a particular state of being, the easier it is to find it again and stay there. So don’t expect miracles, but be consistent in your approach, and you can change your state of well-being entirely.


Relaxing massages FAQs


How much is a relaxing massage?

A relaxing massage in Nice ranges from €90 for a 1-hour session to €180 for a 2-hour session.


How can I book a relaxing massage?

Easy! Click here to book me, and don’t be shy to let me know your needs. Every treatment is tailored to your body’s needs.

Do I need to bring anything to my relaxing massage?

Not at all! Only yourself and a willingness to relax and enjoy your session with me.