Some general hygiene guidelines


05 May 2020

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Some general hygiene guidelines

Some general hygiene guidelines

In a COVID19 world we have had many discussions about what hygiene measures make sense and which ones aren’t, to protect ourselves and others from spreading germs.

As an ex health care worker I want to throw together a few essential informations that hopefully help you to put together a strategy that works for you.

I know that we have an enormous discussions about assuring a scientific background when it comes to hygiene measures; and yes, we must do so where it’s possible. On the other hand, some information is not available because no relevant studies where made on certain subjects (like to compare the quality of different kind of face covers) and a scientific link is not available today on certain topics.

So while we need to focus on proven, scientifically researched facts where ever possible, we also require to apply common sense where precise information is not yet available.

Here’s a few points that you should implement in your every day life to stay save and healthy and to minimise any eventual cross contamination.


You can not get infected from covid19 by toughing germs with your hands. The problem is that you carry germs around with your hands and then you bring them to your nose, mouth and towards everything you may touch. So watch your movements carefully.

If you wash your hands properly with soap, then microorganisms do not die, but they are washed down the sink. Whatever germs might be left on your hands, it is not enough to make anyone or yourself sick if you have put effort and focus on the procedure, so rub well between your fingers, around your thumb and up your wrists.

If you happen to wash your hands in a public space or toilet, be aware that all the hardware is probably germ heaven, so avoid touching things when you’re done washing your hands. Wash your hands immediately and properly when you walk back into your home.

Hand sanitiser gel can be used to disinfect your hands. While cleaning means removing organic material, disinfection doesn’t remove but kills enough germs so contamination is too minimal to cause any transmission.

Please be aware that every product has his particular user manual.Hand sanitiser gel needs to be rubbed in properly and all around the fingers, wrists, thumb and for the TIME INDICATED on the bottle. Generally you should rub it in for at least a minute and once it dries off, do a 2nd round, but please check the bottle if there’s any particular instructions.

Using hand sanitiser gel may be a little less efficient then washing your hands, so using it makes sense when you are out and about and you can’t wash your hands with water and soap.

Use it before you walk into a shop/ public transport/ exposed area and again when you walk out.Don’t bring germs in – don’t take germs out. And avoid touching your face!

Gloves are not a necessary item in everyday use. Most germs can not move through the unharmed normal skin. The infection happens by touching your face with your contaminated hands. If you touch your face/ phone/ surfaces with your gloves you move around the germs that you have picked up, with or without gloves on.Gloves in a hospital surrounding have a different purpose and are necessary but they won’t have any particular advantage for you in every day use and they create a lot of unnecessary rubbish.

Your mobile phone is a dirty thing! And you bring it to your face too! Clean that thing with an appropriate cleaning liquid as soon as you get back home and throughout the day if possible.


As above mentioned there’s a whole discussion going on about what type of face cover you should use. The biggest advantage of ANY kind of face cover, handmade, re-usable or chirurgical paper mask, is to limit the amount of germs you can spread by speaking, breathing, coughing and sneezing.

So wearing a mask is particularly important when you are moving around public spaces, shopping centres or when using public transport.

It is very important that you respect a precise guideline when using face covers. If you keep on touching and re-adjusting the face mask you are risking to bring germs towards your face, mouth, nose and you are imposing yourself to infection hazard.

Every kind of face cover has its own user manual, so please get the necessary information to use them correctly.


Covid19 is transmitted by by droplets from the nose or mouth of an infected person which are spread by speaking, sneezing and coughing.

If you touch contaminated surfaces with your hands you can then carry the virus around and contaminate other surfaces or you can infect yourself when you touch your face with unwashed hands because the virus gets into your own organism by nose and mouth.

Be aware of these 2 points when wondering through your day and keep track of your gestures.

Be save everyone and let’s gets rid of this nasty virus by responsible behaviour.

See you all soon and let’s make sure we can keep our freedom and prevent any further spreading of this horrible virus!

Regards from France,