Care For Your Body & The Environment


13 November 2018

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Care For Your Body & The Environment

Replacing body care products has never been so easy. Many people have been called by their passion making their own and most of them are very eager to produce better quality and in alignment with nature and the planet.


Here’s a couple of brands I have tested and a list of my favorite products. I have done my best to take note of different aspects like minimal packaging, bio, palm oil free, local, vegan. All products have different aspects positive and negative. You may judge for yourself what is the most important criteria for you.
I’m not a chemist, so going through every single ingredient would cause me much struggle and additional research. If you need particular additional info, every brand has the exact list of ingredients on their websites.
In all cases, this is way better than the big brands. Not only you get cruelty free products but also you are supporting small businesses and their families! Buy local, support your neighbors.

So here’s a few suggestions and my favorite products:

H2sOap – Savons de la Vésubie by Hellen Hamila
My favorite product: Soap “Bonne mine” with a touch of Patcholi, soap “creme d’avocat”. Hellen aims for MINIMAL PACKAGING. I think from all the products I had, in terms of avoiding packaging H2sOap was the leader.

Le Mirroir de Vénus Cosmetics by Nathalie Cirri
My favorite products: Creme du jour “Coup d’éclat”, Geranium Soap, Make up remover lotion. *I especially love the design of her products, which makes it an excellent present

EarthSense raw organic by Lisa and Andrew Crowe
My favorite products: The solid shampoos, body polish scrub with Himalayan salt. * PALM OIL FREE certification, no plastic packaging, huge variety of products. All liquid products
come in a glass jar.

Comme Avant Bio
My favorite products: The TOOTHPASTE powder and the DEODORANT * Some extra words needed: This is the ever only and first amazing solution for my smelly armpits. Never has a natural deodorant solution worked for me. I finally can have nature under my arm and STILL HAVE FRIENDS! * The starter box contained a fair amount of plastic. I think they make up for it, because you can buy refill bags and they will last FOREVER (I would think you can go for a year with what you get in a refill bag. Unless you have committed to an entirely plastic-free life, a little plastic bag is already much better than a regular toothpaste tube every 2 to 3 weeks. The same for the deodorant. The roller works ok with the powder inside and you can get a refill like for the toothpaste. * In both cases you might want to get the refill bag directly and fill it in a container that you have at home already to save plastic packaging. * Considering that you would still be running on “conventional” products and replace those with the solutions of “comme avant bio” you would save a WHOLE LOT OF PLASTIC. This is why I would not criticize them for the plastic they are using. Also because of their plastic containers they save a lot of packaging material when sending their stuff with the post, so I personally think that they have made a choice that works.