Energetic Healing


Energetic Healing

Energetic Healing

Energetic healing is a subtle way to bring positive change to the way you approach your daily life.

Many different techniques are available today, and many people have started to be aware of the benefit and power these techniques can have to bring the change you desire.


I propose different approaches depending on your understanding and depending on your location.


We can work one-on-one while you visit me in my office space.


We can work one-on-one through Zoom if you live in locations worldwide.


You can subscribe to my weekly healing circles and either participate live on Zoom or listen to the recording when free and experience the energetic shifts in your time and environment.


In my one-to-one sessions, I propose different approaches. Some techniques involve more conversation; other techniques are a more subtle experience of receiving healing in a relaxing position and environment, a little like doing meditation.


If you are unsure if this is right for you, please join my free telegram channel, where you will find a variety of guided self-healing journeys as audio recordings. You will get an idea about the different concepts I use. By approaching this work with an open mind, you will discover if this benefits you.


Feel free to book a discovery call to discuss with me your intentions and what you aim to achieve by working together, and we can see if we are a match.


Energetic healing is often subject to criticism and judgment. I am in no way aiming to convince anyone of my methods. I offer a discovery call to clarify any questions so you can decide accordingly.


Energetic healing is not some kind of miraculous superpower.


Like anything else, a consistent approach is necessary to bring change into your life. The sessions will trigger you to take your responsibility in moving forward. If you are bumping your head on a wall, you will likely get headaches, and a headache pill gives you a sense of immediate relief. It will, however, be necessary to recognise what creates your headaches and then take the required steps by either breaking down the wall, moving around it or finding a path without a wall in your way to avoid your headaches in the future.


This is how it works with most of the issues you experience.


Some people have to go through terrible trauma, and I am not assuming that everyone has a choice to turn their lives into a magical experience. 


The world can be a callous place.


However, many people have all they need available to live a happy and healthy life, but they suffer by engaging in inappropriate relationships or eating food that makes them ill; they are mentally charged with anxiety and worry without any valid reason. 


And suppose you are one of these people. In that case, you can get the help you need to transform your life into the life experience you are supposed to have: happy, healthy and capable of sharing compassion; to heal society and the planet.