Christmas Values


03 December 2019

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Christmas Values

Christmas Values

I admit it: I have always been somewhat of a grinch. Even since we have children, the whole Christmas madness feels always in contradiction to whatI feel I really should be doing on this family holiday occasion.

Now that we’re through with Santa Claus (I really didn’t want to spoil our Children’s childhood dreams before they were old enough), I decided that I will go on a personal quest to the source of the Christmas spirit.

So I’ve asked myself the question:

What are the core values that are important for me, and how would I like to celebrate during this important winter fest?

And I came up with the following thoughts:

In our modern life it seems so hard to keep in touch with family and loved ones. I believe that Christmas gives us the opportunity, a reason to reunite. Reunion is the fist core value I came up with for my personal list.
It’s Christmas, we can just call someone that we haven’t spoken to, invite a family member, even if we are in a somewhat odd situation with them, and we can, for the occasion, forget all the weirdness for a couple of hours. We can focus on the fact, that we are still here, still alive and we still have the chance to spend a great moment together, focusing on common values and forgetting about differences, just for a few hours time. And if it’s not for ourselves, maybe for our parents, an uncle, a friend or the children, we can make an effort and create get togethers that leave happy memories.

The whole madness about presents I believe, comes originally out of the intention of sharing what we have to share in these cold winter days. So sharing will be the 2nd word that adds to my list.If I place myself into an old time, I can imagine how people would get together on this winter solstice and share what they can share, so the not so fortunate have enough grain to get through the 2nd part of the winter, and to give away a spare blanket or some firewood that is not in use, to help a neighbour who’s cold. I strongly believe that giving has nothing to do with trading presents.It is the intention to just give, because you want to, not expecting anything in return. If I carry that thought a little further, to only give to those who can not give anything in return, because otherwise it’s not giving, it’s trading, isn’t it really? In a time where we have everything we need, maybe we can come to an agreement to stop all silly shopping and unnecessary swapping of goods that no body needs. Maybe we should try to find those who can not give anything in return and see what they need to get through the hard times. And let’s include the animals, the planet and all living being in that intention.

Last on my list is compassion

It’s a big word. But there’s nothing intellectually to understand about that word, its’ sense can only
be grasped with your heart.

It might sound like inflicting bad luck, but there is a buddhist practice where you imagine the person you are dealing with in great pain, so you can feel compassion to that person, even if you disagree with them or if you dislike them. You can also try to say to yourself, if this would be the last time I will see that person, how to I want this last moment to be?

Compassion is something that must be re-learned, that must be felt, even if we forgotten how and why. It’s a feeling that doesn’t need conditions or strings attached and it’s the way to save the earth and us humans with it. Christmas is this moment of the year, where it’s about finding that compassion again and show it to your loved ones and to everyone.

And if you are stressed out and annoyed about your Christmas shopping and preparations, then just stop right there and think.

Ask yourself the same question, that I have asked myself.

What do you want to feel this time of the year, how do you want to spend this moment and what would you like to remember.

And then, make the magic happen for yourself too.

Happy December to you all,