SUN, FUN and your health!


29 May 2019

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SUN, FUN and your health!

SUN, FUN and your health!

I understand that it’s nice to look tanned, but I promise you, in Nice you will definitely tan, even if you protect yourself correctly.

To stay healthy, try to protect your body with light wide clothes and a hat.

If you wish to use sun lotion, get yourself a protection factor 50 and just put it on your body RIGHT IN THE MORNING BEFORE even leaving the house. If you use a good brand, you let it soak in BEFORE YOU START SWEATING OR SWIMMING it will be a save protection for at least half day, or even the entire day if you’re not sweating too much and if you’re not going into the water.

If you are out all day, and you feel the need, repeat the procedure at midday when you’re out of the sun, during your lunch break for example.

Once you are starting to get red and you start creaming only then, while you’re outside, your skin will be even more sensitive for a little while, till the cream has soaked in.

Please don’t put lotion when you are already at the beach! Thousands of people have the habit of going to the beach, getting hot and sweaty, only then they start to put cream all over themselves just to jump into the water right away. This has a terrible impact on sea life and is besides NOT PROTECTING YOU PROPERLY against skin damage. All the creams and lotions end up in the water.

There are brands out there which have products that are apparently not toxic for sea life, but I don’t want to get into product recommendations here. You can find alternative sun protection in bio shops. They work by covering your body with a layer of minerals so you will appear a little white when using those.

It has proven AMAZINGLY SUFFICIENT to do what I said earlier. Get the lotion on in your morning routine and let it find its place in your skin BEFORE GOING ANYWHERE!

Love yourself, love your skin, protect yourself and the sea!

Thanks for sharing,


Andrea Daumas
Bodywork Nice